Customs procedure Returned Goods

Returned Goods Relief allows you to re-import goods into the EU without paying Customs Duty and VAT. You can get this exemption if you are re-importing European Goods back into free circulation in the EU after they have previously been temporarily or definitively exported from the customs territory. This is also called Returned Goods Relief This means that you do not have to pay customs duties and Sales Tax upon (re-)importation. You must, however, meet the conditions of this relief:

  1. Prove that your vessel was purchased in Europe or imported.
  2. Prove that the VAT has been paid in Europe.

Export also means leaving the 12-mile zone!! With a trip to England or Helgoland you have left the 12-mile zone, in fact you have visited a country outside the EU.

No Proof !
You have to pay!

If you have a VAT statement issued by the Customs National Yacht, it will be accepted throughout Europe and the exemption will be granted without any problems.

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