Who are we?

Fokko Pettinga has more than 40 years of experience with tax authorities, VAT levying, and everything financial related to the pleasure craft sector.

As a former auditor of the Customs National Yacht Unit at Vlissingen he is specialised in the rights and obligations surrounding (pleasure) craft, both inside and outside the EU.

Fokko recently retired as a customs officer and recognised a need for specialist knowledge among boat and vessel owners, so started VAT-statement.com .

René Pettinga has been working as an independent interim manager in (energy) technology for several years. With specific knowledge of building companies and business, he wanted to support Fokko after his retirement to build up a company to support yacht- and boatowners.

Based on the common idea, VAT-statement.com has been set up as part of To-Manage.

Fokko Pettinga

René Pettinga