Our approach

The first step is to collect all the relevant information. 

Through the contact form you lay down the first foundation and this is the first step towards good advice or consultation. After we review it, we will send you a Question/Advice form asking you to complete it. By returning this form you agree to our terms and conditions. We will start working for you and contact you as soon as possible!.

After just a few questions, we can quickly estimate what is required to achieve the goal. Of course, this depends entirely on your situation and what documents you have available and need to locate.

If necessary or desired, we will come to you to sort through the paperwork together and make a plan of action. Of course, all of this can also be done remotely.

At our office, we work out a plan and all further details.

You remain involved in the process and we inform you of any changes and updates. We will inform you about the costs in advance, i.e. no expensive lawyer and/or fees per hour, but assistance for a fixed rate.