Sailing Abroad

During an Customs inspection, you must be able to demonstrate who owns the boat what you are sailing with

In the Netherlands, official registration with the land registry is not a requirement for most categories of recreational craft. The ICP is issued by many European countries to enable the owner of a recreational craft to prove ownership.

"It is an accessible alternative for water sports enthusiasts to an official proof of ownership through legal registration at the Land Registry."

The ICP is an unofficial proof of ownership issued by the Water Sports Association. Registration of your boat is not mandatory in the Netherlands and we would like to keep it that way, while this obligation exists in almost all other countries within Europe. Because you must be able to present proof of ownership in most countries, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management created the ICP. A simple and inexpensive proof of ownership that is recognized by a number of countries on the recommendation of the UN. The ICP is not proof of nationality and registration. It does not entitle you to fly the Dutch flag, like the certificate of registry. It is a lot easier and cheaper than an official registration and works fine in a number of countries.

It is therefore advisable to take an ICP with you when visiting a foreign country. In many countries, the ICP is even mandatory! The ICP contains the details of the owner and a description of the vessel. The ICP is valid in all European inland and coastal waters for a period of 2 years.

You can find out which countries accept an ICP here. (dutch)

Please Note: An ICP is not THE Certificate of registry
If you are in possession of a certificate of registry, you may fly the Dutch flag. Also this document says nothing about the VAT status of your vessel.

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If you want to obtain an International Certificate of Pleasure Craft (ICP), we can also advise you with this.

Do you want to make a world trip?
We can advise you on the purchase of a suitable vessel with which you want to make the long awaited journey. We can advise and assist you with the purchase itself and help you with the Customs obligations when you leave the Netherlands.

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