(ICP) International Pleasure Craft Certificate

Customs officials would like to know who owns the ship you are sailing. Because there is no obligatory registration requirement for most categories of recreational craft in the Netherlands, this declaration of ownership is often missing.

The place of residence and country of registration of the ship owner determine, among other things, how tax rules are applied.

It is therefore advisable to take an ICP with you when visiting a foreign country. In many countries, the ICP is even mandatory. The ICP contains the details of the owner and a description of the vessel. The ICP is valid on all European inland and coastal waters for a period of 2 years.

Please note: An ICP is not a nation flag right!
If you are in possession of a certificate of registry, you may fly the Dutch flag. Also this document says nothing about the VAT status of your vessel.

Would you like to obtain an International Certificate of Pleasure Craft (ICP)? We can also advise and guide you with this.

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